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Fill Out the Form Below
On-line by January 31, 201
2015 Chapter Master Report (CMR)
eMQ & eCAA  combined

The Chapter Master Report, the combined Chapter Achievement Awards and eMQ Reports, is due on or before January 31, 2016.  It is available online at the national member site: or click on Connect Link above.  Along with your nationial number, you will need your chapter's unique CMR PIN number to log in, which your regent can find on e-Membership. For more information or questions, please contact Emily Salvette, CRM Chair. Use the link above after you have your chapter's PIN.

Fill Out the Form Below
On-line by March 1, 201

2015 Chapter Narrative Freeform DARMER
The Chapter Narrative is due by March 1. This is entirely separate from the report given at State Conference and requires no special form for completion. It is an approximately one-page essay summarizing your chapter activities for calendar year 2015. It will be published in the DAR of Michigan State Proceedings for 2015. It must be emailed to DARMER at, with the word Narrative (and no other words) in the subject line.



State American History
Final Report Form for Women in American History Download Form
State Chaplain
Chapter Chaplain Instructions Read
Download Form
Chapter Chaplain Report Form Download Form
State Chapter Achievement Award
Chapter Achievement Report
(Use Chapter Master Report above)
State Chairman's Comments Read Only Download
State Credentials Chair
Form + Instructions Download
Credentials Do's and Don'ts for Regents Read OnlyDownload
State Historian
Chapter Regents' History Form Download
Chapter Property Agreement Form Download
State Membership
Prospective Member Follow Up Sheet Download
State Newsletter
Photo of Minor - Publication Release Form Download Form
State Regent
Chapter Officers List Report Instructions Read Only Download
Chapter Officers List Report Form Download Form
Chapter Committee List Report On-line On-line
State Registrar
Chapter Registrar's Annual Report Form
 (In .rtf)
Editable Download
Chapter Registrar's Annual Report Form Locked
(Same form as above but fillable, can be saved, can be sent electronically.)
Special easy use instructions; see below.
(In .rtf)


Chapter Registrar's Member Change Form
(in .pdf)
Chapter Registrar's Member Report Form
(In .rtf)
Editable Download
Member Death Report Form
(In .rtf)
Editable Download
State Treasurer
State Officer's Expense Report Form Download Form
2016 Remittance Form Download Form
Monthly Dues Remittance Download Form
Donations & Contributions Form National  DEV-1003 Download Form
Chapter Annual Financial Statement Download Form
State VIS Chairman & Website
Photo of Minor - Publication Release Form Download Form
In all certificates enter date as day-month-year
Enter 1-4-2017 , Will print as 1-Apr-2017
State Chairman's Award Certificate
Blank but fillable award certificate in PDF Download Form
State Chairman's Certificate of Appreciation
Blank but fillable award certificate of appreciation in PDF Download Form
State Officer's Award Certificate
Blank but fillable award certificate in PDF Download Form

Forms are in Adobe Acrobat pdf format, unless otherwise noted.

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Forms designated by may be filled-in while on your screen. Click on a line or blank to start. You can advance from line to line or fill-in blank to fill-in blank by using the Tab key (Shift Tab to backup).  After filling-in the form, click on the Print Form button near the top of the form or on the printer icon. Print again for additional copies.  The filled in form may be saved (under a new name) and attached to e-mail.

Special Instructions for Registrar's Annual Report (locked rtf) Form:

To use the form, put your cursor anywhere on the gray area next to Chapter, left click then type.  To go to the next field (gray area) hit the Tab key  OR use the cursor.  To go back to a previous filled-in field (gray area, use Shift+Tab   OR  Shift+Tab   repeatedly.   When finished filling in the form, save it and send it.

The layout of this form is locked and the only editing permitted is that which you type.

Form produced by John Hile


A word or three about these forms:

Many times "forms" are sent to us in Word (.doc or .docx) format.  Unfortunately many people do not have nor can afford Word and therefore have Works or other alternative (sometimes free) word processors on their computers.   While Works can open Word files and save Word files, if tables are present in the document, all bets are off. 


Therefore, we convert all documents to Adobe PDF.  All computers can at least view PDF files provided the proper, free, reader is installed.  We also attempt to make these PDF forms online fillable.